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photographs of Odeon Conversion

Stephen Joseph Theatre - Odeon Conversion

Adrian Gatie writes:
“ I had been production and publicity photographer at Westwood for almost three years when I was approached to make a photographic record of the long-rumoured transformation of the derelict Odeon cinema into the new home for the Stephen Joseph Theatre. This was in November 1992 and the final commitments had just been made.
I would have access whenever I wanted and sole photographic rights. To photograph a major rebuild, to see it through from start to finish, taking possibly three years….quite a challenge! Beginning in January 1993, I visited the site twice, sometimes three times each week for the next three years and three months, except for the odd periods when construction work was suspended for one reason or another.”

The 425 photographs shown here in chronological order are from a total of over 5,000.

Please follow the links below to read about Alan Ayckbourn's passion for and his relationship with the theatre through the decades, Charles McCarthy's involvement in the Odeon Conversion and finally, a brief history of the Stephen Joseph Theatre-in-the-Round.

"Dreams can come true" - Alan Ayckbourn

"Objective Achieved" - Charles McCarthy

The Stephen Joseph Theatre 1955-1996

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