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A professional photographer since the mid 1980s, Adrian Gatie’s roots are in documentary photography. This work has been exhibited widely over the years and his book In Penumbria was published in 1987. In 1990 Adrian stumbled into theatrical production photography and it has been a passion with him ever since. From that time he has accumulated over 200,000 theatre negatives, transparencies and digital image files. During 2007-8 these were sorted, filed and then archived, forming the Adrian Gatie Theatre Photographs Collection (AGTP).

Adrian’s principal theatre clients have been Alan Ayckbourn’s Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough and John Godber’s Hull Truck. He has also worked with many other provincial theatres and theatre companies, as well as for a clutch of West End theatres.

This site has around 4,000 images, initially. It is intended for use primarily as a visual reference index resource, for the use of actors (profiling, CV and portfolio information), theatre students (project and dissertation), producers and directors (cast profiling, set realisation), theatre marketing, theatre education publishers, theatre historians, biographers and feature writers as well as playwrights’ agents and publishers.

It is intended that more images will be added to each section regularly and that new sections will be created, with actors, playwrights, directors, theatre crew and staff supplying linked text and anecdotes.

All images are the sole copyright of Adrian Gatie/AGTP (see separate notification on this page and others) and downloading and/or printing of images is not permitted. The low resolution watermarked images are for visual reference only. High resolution images may be available for bona fide purposes….see Availability of images.

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